Todd Ethan

“You will never have this day with your child again. Tomorrow he’ll be a little older than he was today.

This day is a gift. Just breathe, notice, study his face and his feet. Pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today. It will be over before you know it.”


Fostering the father-child bond,

Bond Beyond Adventures involve taking a dad and his child into the beyond for simple day/ night activities to facilitate father-child bonding in a natural

environment away from the busy city lives we all tend to lead.


Bond Beyond offers unique and exciting adventures in the outdoors for kids and their fathers to reconnect in nature. 

the father-child bond

Today, Dads lead highly pressurized lives where they are left with little time every day to foster their growing child's emotional needs.

Bond Beyond takes a dad and child out of their normal environment, away from daily demands and distractions, schedules and routines, modern media pollution, and other siblings,

and puts them together in nature, where they will be involved in out-of-the-norm activities that effortlessly encourage, enhance, develop and strengthen the fundamental bonds of trust, companionship, partnership, protection, and fellowship that a boy and girl need. 

While all these things are paramount in the development of young men and women, the very simple aspect of a dad just "being" with his son, or daughter, and being 100 percent present, (no cellphone, siblings, spouses, TV, radio...) is a rarity, but in natural environments is so easy to achieve.

Strengthening the father-child bond through nature

to facilitate the natural emotional / psychological process of growing into manhood.

The importance of the father-son bond

In today's fast driven world, the majority of men are bound into the routines of work and the result is that boys spend very little time with their fathers.


In bygone eras boys would typically have spent a large portion of their days with their dad's assisting in, and learning their father’s trade. Whether it was prepping fields and feeding animals on a farm, or forging iron in a foundry, boys spent most of the day from the age of about 7 years onwards, in the company of his father, his main role model in life, and fellow workmen.

This time was fundamental in severing dependence on the mother for every physical and emotional aspect of their lives, (as it is naturally until boys reach about seven years old.) This is not to say that love, respect and physical contact cease between son and mother,

in fact it is the opposite, and rather an emotional shift to tend towards being under the wing of the father,  where the boy learns principles, virtues and how to be a man by viewing his fathers actions towards the rest of the family, as well as other people in social or business matters.

Then, when the boy enters puberty, the natural initiation into manhood would signify his graduation into the community as an adult with responsibilities and commitments as well as grown up privileges.